Getting cover art for movies

Hi all, I have the WD Live hub and loving it.  right now all my movies are shown in a list just like on a computer.  but i know you can do it so it shows the cover art aswell.  I went through the user manual for this but it doesn’t tell you how to do this.  Anyone know?

First, select a view that shows thumbnails (pretty much all of them except for the LIST view which only shows one at a time.)

Then, select a Movie (don’t PLAY it) and hit OPTIONS / GET CONTENT INFO.

It will search the online database for the title based on the filename.   You’ll be presented a list of titles that closely match the name.   Select the title that matches the file in question, and select it.   A summary screen will follow.  If that’s the one you want, do OK on the big green checkmark.

thanks tony, i will try this tonight.