Getting continuous spinning arrow when playing movie from Network ! HELP


I have the latest firmware on my WDTV and I am streaming movies from my WDCloud on my network. 
Recently, whenever I play I movie, I get the orange spinning arrow and nothing happens. I have to restart my wdtv and play the movie again for it to work. This is really annoying because I’m restarting my wdtv many times a day because of this spinning arrow.

Any ideas what could be causing this and how I can solve it ?

Thank you. 

Known memory leaks in apps (and other areas) can cause this. A hard restart begins again of course - as u have found. We are all waiting for the cure- some new firmware since last August when firmeware 2.02.32 was released.

A bit more detail in Youtube problem I answered 60s ago for someone else, have a look there.

Really? There’s no solution to this??

Can you share the link to the youtube video please?

not a youtube video, an article I had just commented on here:

Not something u can fix, it’s a software thing. Hard rebooting just  helps avoid the leak building up too much that it affects operation, but it still leaks. Fixed over on WD TV product if u look on forum’s other product release notes. Everyone hopes WD engineers building some WD Live firmware with same fixes in for us any day, month, year now…  :angry: