Getting continous play on Hulu+ (w/ WD Live Plus)


I just upgraded my Hulu account to Hulu+, and I’d like to set up continous play for my Hulu queue.

Autoplay works fine with the local network stuff & when I watch Hulu on my PC.  Looking through the FAQ and the forum, I found answers for local continous play, but not for Hulu.

On the other hand, either I am the only one with this problem, didn’t put the correct items in the search box, or missing something obvious.  (Knowing me, probably the latter)



Do you refer to the playlist option?

From the Hulu website:  “Unfortunately, playlist creation and editing has been disabled on our site for the time being.”  

From reading the description, it would exactly fit my need, but it currently doesn’t as things stand now.

I am referring to the queue itself, when using the laptop or desktop, each selection plays right after the end of the previous one.  I would like this same behavior on the WDTV Live Plus.