"Getting content info" won't stop

I did not have any problems with getting content info until the new firmware was installed (1.16 on 23/7/13) I have tried re set and clear media library and re scan, I have not tried to remove all the wdtv folders from the hard drives as at the moment all my content info is correct. I will scan manually and update fine but with auto it just does not stop scanning and if you try to play a movie whilst its working you get a fatal error and it reboots. I have never had any problems with my WDTV over the last 8 months untill now. I am thinking of going back to the previous firmware.

Update: Rolled back to previous Firmware v1.15 as was before the v1.16 July 2013 update and all back to normal. Content info opens and closes as quick as it always has. Def a problem with the new firmware. Turned off new firmware search. if it aint broke dont fix it.:smiley:

I have the same problem