Getting Content Info Stops, but says that it is still searching

 I have over the past few months re-synced my 1TB hard drive with my WD Media Center many times after restoring it to Factory Settings. I then switch Content Search to Auto from Manual. It then starts to download info on my 720 movies in alphabetical order. The problem is that every time it gets halfway through the letter “I” part of my movies (roughly 230 movies in) it stalls and then sits there for hours saying that it is still “Getting Content Info” when it clearly is not. So I’m stuck with the other 500 movies with nothing and I really do not want to do it all manually (Yes I can still download them manually if I want which means that the site works fine). Every single time I’ve done this it stops in the “I” section about 230 movies in regardless of me adding and deleting some of the movies on there. I’ve also made sure that all of the files are not “Read Only”. If I turn the Media Center off and back on, it will never retreive any information for anything even if it says that it is trying to. It always is stuck at that one spot and I feel I’ve tried everything.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens? I seriously hate dealing with this. Any information would be helpful.

What is a “WD Media Center” ?   there is no so such device

Do you have a WDTV Live Hub with the 1TB inbuilt HDD ?

Also, (whatever device you’re talking about) … if it’s getting stuck on the lower case letter “I” then re check the names of your movies.

And, common sense trouble shooting, would be to isolate your “l” movies … ie create a hidden folder (which has a “.”  and place them in there to hide them from scanning  .hiddenLmovies and see if then scanning from the letter “m” and onwards works.

how to create a hidden folder in windows…

On your PC … Click “Start”  type cmd …  then type …   mkdir X:.hiddenLmovies

X is the drive letter of your 1TB HDD

P.S. i thought the WDTV Live Hub’s Content Info Media Scraper no longer worked after TMDB changed API (a year ago) What Firmware are you Running ???   on the WDTV goto Setup > About and post your Device Info Firmware Revision.

Yeah typo, I meant Live Hub. And yes 1TB built in that I sync with my 1TB External Hard drive.

I know it’s not the name of the movies it has stopped on different movie titles before, I think it has more to do with only getting 230 entries and then just stopping. I have tried just manually getting the next 20 or so movie’s content info just to see if that helps, but if I reset my device it still continues to say “Getting Content Info” while not actually doing anything.

@ JoeySmyth - Info scraper works just fine with latest firmware, no problems with TMDB nor TVDB. 

@ TempletonBob - I think that you should consider downloading  WDTVHubGen.

How would I go about doing that? Can I download it directly from my Live Hub or do I have to transfer it from my computer?

Just download program to your PC, unpack, run.

Open the folder where you have your movies (it will include subfolders in search), click Get Videos and than Process All :slight_smile:

If you named your movie files correctly you shouldn´t get any problems whatsoever.

Be aware that this program changes file name.

You can just move unprocessed files (folders) on your Hub to one folder, separating them from processed ones. It fill be faster.

foetus wrote:

@ JoeySmyth - Info scraper works just fine with latest firmware, no problems with TMDB nor TVDB. 


Thanks, i’m on older firmware and it doesent work

anyways, happy using XBMC for scrapping (fast) and then import the nfo,artwork into Thumbgen to generate compatible files (which is super quick)