Getting a New WD External HDD to replace old WD My Book


I am trying to decide between purchasing a My Book Duo 4tb Premium RAID Storage and a My Cloud Mirror Personal Cloud Storage 4tb, its to replace my old WD My Book External Drive, the device will only be used on one PC in a Raid 1 configuration. I want to store all my personal files and photos so that they are safe and doubled up on the secondary drive.

The device will not always be connected to the PC only when I need to use it, the idea is to not have any personal files stored on the PC’s HDD itself to minimise damage should the computer fail.

I like both drives but the My Cloud Mirror has a Gigabit Ethernet Port for connectivety whilst the My Book Duo has USB 3.0 and I assume that a Gigabit Ethernet port is faster? 

Thanks for your Answers! 

Hello and welcome to the community.

If you are planning to use it just as a backup drive and only for one computer then I recommend the My Book drive. but lets see what other user can comment on this.