Getting "403 Forbidden" by Web and WD Discovery showing "Login Service Not Available" for My Cloud Home

12/5/2021 - 5:07 PM
Hi, I am getting “403 Forbidden” when clicking on the “Sign Into My Cloud Home” from the page. Also, My WD Discovery is showing “Login Service Not Available” when trying to login to my account/device through there.

It was working fine yesterday, I was able to access all my files, but today I get the above noted message. I talked with Comcast (I have xfinity internet, 500 Mbps connection) and they have no clue what the problem might be (no surprise). They suggested that I replace their model/router with a new modem/router, so they are sending a new one to me. I am not sure that is the issue.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Here is some additional information:

WD Discovery - Installed version: 4.3.336 (last updated 8/3/2021)
Web Login - Tried on both Chrome and FireFox
My Cloud Home Device - Software version: 7.15.1-101

Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided.

Yes, dump Comcast. Or at least buy your own modem and router if you arre having so much problem with their equipment and save yourself $15 per month or however much they are charging.

WD doesn’t support router set up on this forum and this sounds like a router problem. You can try to reset the DNS server on the router - while it is disconnected from the modem - but obviously this won’t work if you have an integrated modem/router combo from that cable company. But who knows, if this is a combo unit, may be you could reset the DNS server on the router while the incoming RG6 cable is disconnected from the cable modem.

While you are at it if you are able to change DNS servers on the router, try to reserve an IP address on the router for the My Cloud Home. You can find the IP of the MCH by running a free ip scanner program or from the command prompt.

See if you want to read this for inspiration: