Get USA Services

How can i set up my network to get usa movie services - the most services on wd are only in usa - is the rest of world not interressant ? - the most people of the world live outside the usa !! -

what to Do:

a) i think i need a proxy server  in the usa ?

b) the WD DNS  goes to the proxy server ?

what need i to do to have the usa movie services, there are any suggessions ?

You can’t. There are licensing and copyright issues that prevent non-US Hubs from accessing USA-only services.

You could do that in theory, although since I’m in the US I’ve never tried it. The device most likely looks at the IP address to make a determination if you are in the US or not- if you were to use a US based proxy, the device would think you are in the US. However… (theres always a however isn’t there) - you would need to use a proxy from a lesser-known provider. Most region-locked services (I would assume Netflix, etc. employ this although I’m not sure…) have developed ways to detect proxies and will assume you are outside the US if they detect one- the most common way this is done is by gatering the IP addresses used by the common proxy providers, and black-listing them. The downside of a lesser known provider, is that they are generally slower - as such you might not get enough bandwidth to use the service in question. It’s all about experiementation really… If you manage to find the right combination of an unknown proxy, with decent speed, it is possible you could use them…

As for why these services are locked by region, this is a demand from the providers (Netflix, blockbuster, hulu, etc.). They only purchase the rights to various titles for the US region (in Netflix’s case, they have a seperate service for Canada with different stuff available). Because they don’t own the rights to stream that content outside the US, they have to take measures to prevent it or they could be sued by the copyright holders of the content they distribute.

In addition, in NetFlix’s case you must pay for the account using a credit card billed to a US address, and on a BANK with the issuing branch based in the US.

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