'Get Info' Confusion

A few days ago I was able to ‘get info’ for Boardwalk Empire Season 1 - Episodes 1 and 2.

Now today I try to ‘get info’ for episode 3 onward and the SMP says “No Content Info found”

This makes zero sense to me being that the files all have the exact same naming pattern.

I.e. Boardwalk Empire - S01E01 - Boardwalk Empire

I.e. Boardwalk Empire - S01E02 - The Ivory Tower

Episode 3 is no different…

So why all of a sudden can I not locate content?

When I highlight an episode > press options > Get content info > There are 3 buttons to the right of the 

panel that says “No content info found” A red X,  a Keyboard and an image that looks like a gear.

It’s for meta-source. It only lists TMDB as a meta-source. I do not know why that is, but that’s probably the issue.

There is no TVDB meta-source selectable. I’m guessing the SMP views this file as a movie, but being that it isn’t a movie it cannot get content info.

Just a guess. *shrugs*

TMDB is where wdtv normally gets it’s info for movies.  You can always go to settings and add tvdb to the providers and it ‘should’ fetch your info.  I’d also check tvdb.com to be sure that the episodes are actually listed there, if they’re not, then of course it won’t have any info to fetch.  Another thing to do is put a period before the episode number, i.e.  Boardwalk Empire.S01E03, etc

Well I do have TVDB as a meta-source because I can grab info for other TV shows.
It comes standard with the SMP.
And yeah Boardwalk Empire is listed under TVDB.
I’m starting to think that using periods as opposed to dashes is much better. Sometimes you can have dashes and the SMP will detect the TV show - other times not. But for example “Boardwalk Empire.S01E01.Boardwalk Empire” will always work because this device seems to respond better to that sort of naming theme as opposed to dashes.

i get this same error on random movies too. 99% of my collection is scanned in, but for some reason heat.mkv will just not find any info. it took a few days to get what i have been able to scan in, for days random movies would not scan in and after trying reboot, or trying several times a day it would work for a few movies and i would quickly try and get info for a bunch, and then it would stop working again after a few minutes.

I dont believe its connections related, all the while i can use services or browse the network.

“HEAT” has multiple entries in the database, so it’s not going to find an auto-match.

You can either do a MANUAL match, or add the year to the movie, such as:

Heat (1986).mkv


Heat (1995).mkv

depending on which one you have.

i will try this. but for some movies it would give me a list and i could then choose the one i have.  but when i am given the ‘no content found’ message i am not given the oppportunity to select from the different movie database entries.

for example, forrest gump, for days it would not scan in automatically, if i did options - get info - i would get the no content found message.  then randomly the same action found the movie and all is good with that one. 

maybe its something with themoviedb.org being unavailable, since it didnt seem to be network related.