"Get Content Info" stopped writing metathumb and xml

Recently my WDTV has stopped writing thumbs and xml files when getting content info. I hope someone can offer some potential solutions.

When I try to manually “get content info” for a media file it goes through the usual steps of obtaining alternatives from the net based on the file name. It offers me the summary and thumb as usual and I accept. After the yellow spinning arrow, however, it does not retain the thumb and summary. The file name is replaced in the library with the plain-English title but nothing else appears.

My WDTV SMP is running fw v2.02.32, streaming content locally from my Synology NAS using the SMP’s media library. The WDTV has full read/write permissions and for the past two years has never had trouble writing the metathumb and xml files to the NAS. I can still, for instance, edit, move and delete files directly from the SMP. Now, all of a sudden, trouble. I think this started about 4 weeks ago and can’t recall if it coincided with a firmware upgrade for either the SMP or my NAS.

I’m not really very Linux-literate but grateful for any thoughts on what I should check.


Hello there.

I have not tried this, i have not experienced this issue. Lets see if another use can help out and give some tips on this matter.