Get Content Info Problem?


This morning my Live Hub got delivered and like everybody i couldn’t wait to test it. So I’ve put a few moves on the internal HDD as a test, and so far i think its great.

So I went and tested the “Get Content Info” feature for one of my movies and this is where my problem arose, I’ve got the info for two of my movies and each time I move to or from one of the movies that has content info the whole screen goes black for a couple of seconds, I’m assuming that its the “get content info” thats causing this since it doesnt do it when i move to a movie with no info.

Is this supposed to be happening or is there a way to stop it?

Thanks for any help.

No, what you describe shouldn’t be happening.  Perhaps if you hit setup on your remote, then highlight System, click OK, then scroll to Media Library, click OK,  click OK on Clear Media Library it might help.  This means you’re simply starting fresh with the Get Content Info.  

Also, I would leave Get Content Info on Automatic.

I’m not an expert by any definition, but this has been successful for me.

I hope this helps.

Yes, that is normal. It goes black as it prepares to load the backdrops for the movie. When moving FROM a movie with info, it rains blank for a second or so until it determines no info is available.

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