Get Content info......gets wrong cover

Just a quicky.  Based in the UK, and every now and then when i hit ‘get content info’ it returns the correct film, correct synopsis (in english) but returns a foreign cover.  Not to much hastle as ill download a resize my own. but just wondering why and is there anything wrong with box and or settings.

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I too have the same problem but would probably think it’s attributed to the moviedb site rather than an issue with WD?

Which movie(s) are you talking about?

You could check what cover image is displayed at the content data source which is

Just search for the movie there and probably it also shows the incorrect cover.

There is a contact option in the home of that website to request changes.

The trouble is that the movie database is user controlled and can be manipulated by the users. The WD player does not use the database directly but via an api. This means that any changes made to the website are not seen by the player until some hours later. It may be that the cover downloaded is based on ratings or it could be just a bug.

The Hub is supposed to recover the highest rated cover art from according to the device’s default language, right?

OK. Now I’m getting the right cover for Revenge of the Sith (I don’t know why), but I’m still getting the wrong one for The Godfather II (the ugly french one).

Why, dammit? This thing is driving me crazy!

It should download this cover:

…instead of this crappy cover:

P.S. Tons of kudos for the one who solves this riddle.

This issue got personal now.

Here’s what I did…

I got the info for “The Godfather: Part II” movie (with the ugly French thumbnail, of course).

Then, I took a look at the movie’s hidden .xml file with the notepad (I downloaded a free XML editor and it didn’t help).

So, I got all those confusing and almost unreadable words, letters, characters and symbols all together.

I selected the whole line that included the .jpg letters between the first “thumbnail” word and the “backdrop” one.

I copied that line and pasted it to the JDownloader so it can do the dirty work by ignoring the useless symbols and letters and focus on the images’ urls.

It automatically downloaded 19 thumbnails with slightly different sizes (almost similar with each other) but also with different languages and designs.

I found out that most of them were in English, some of them were in German and Italian, a couple of French ones and one for Spanish an Portuguese, respectively.

The first thumbnail in that .xml file is the French one I was talking about, then comes the the German, English and so on…

My questions remains unanswered: why is the French one on the first place or the German one on the second position? why is the English one in the third place, anyway? (my Hub is set on English).

So, I copied the long weird name of the English cover and replaced the French one that was on the first place inside the .xml file.

Then, I changed the file format of the “good” .jpg file to a .metathumb file and renamed it with the same movie file’s name.

After that, I deleted all the hidden files and folders that may have something to do with “thumbnailing” inside the whole Hub.

Finally, I fully turned off the Hub by pressing the power button for 3 or 4 seconds and turned it on again.

It did the compiling database thing (or something like that… I can’t remember) by itself… et voilà!

The Hub generated 11 new proprietary “thumbnail files” (according to the cover art I wanted) with totally diferent sizes.

OK… this is not a real solution or something that nobody has tried before… I guess (but it works).

Why do I have to do that from now on, dammit? (well, actually, when I don’t like the chosen cover art becasue of its language, of course).

I want the Hub to automatically select the correct cover art… is that so wrong?

Am I asking too much, WD?

BTW, I contacted the support area regarding this “terrible” issue about 3 days ago and I had no reply.

Kudos for me!

I use this xml viewer

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richUK wrote:

I use this xml viewer



Thanks for that xml viewer, pal.

I can see that information more clearly now…

BTW, this cover issue is unpredictable!

Now it happens that when I try to get all 3 covers for the Godfather movie, for example, they are all… right!

Can you believe that? I didn’t do anything… though some covers from other movies like Flypaper, appear in Portuguese now.

I guess I’ll have to do some work by myself and correct the wrong ones.

Apparently, there’s a huge crazy bug inside this issue that behaves different every day… and I don’t think it has something to do with the ratings, 'cause the most voted covers are all perfect in website.

What a mystery.