Get Content Info for tv shows doesnt work for me

I still cant get “get content info” to work for tv-shows. My shared videofolder on my nas looks like this:

Shared Videos

 - Movies

 - - - Spiderman

 - - - Superman

 - TV-shows

 - - Futurama

   - - - Futurama Season 6 (here I keep every episodes of season 6 as Futurama.s06e01.mkv etc.

When I click “get content info” on a specific episode to manually get contentinfo, all I get is an xml file with info about the episode and a metathumb file with the cover. I get no backdrop folder like I do for movies. Why is that? I am running with the latest firmware.

I don’t know if it makes a difference but I use caps on “S” & “E”  and it always works for me.

Also, instead of “Futurama Season 6”, I would try just “Season 6” but I doubt that is the problem.

Mine are also capitol S and E but it still doesnt work. I have 2 SMP and none of them wants to download backdrop folder for episodes, but only xml and metathumb file, when I click “get content info”. I am getting pretty frustrated.

I’m also not seeing backdrops when doing Get Content Info. I get all the metadata (title, genre, date, etc.) and also the cover art, but no backdrops. And actually, I can press Options and choose View Backdrop Photos and see them, they just don’t display.

The lack of Backdrops for TV shows is a known bug in all versions 1.07.xx and later.

This only affects Content-Info collected by the WDTV.

If you make your own Content-Info using third-party tools such as The XML Fetcher, HubGen, etc, those will function correctly.

I can confirm that. Your XML fetcher is better anyway. One question, though. Even if I don’t check Save Backdrops Locally, after using the WDTV, the backdrops still save to my hard drive. Is that a feature of the WDTV itself (to save backdrops after they are accessed from

That’s right.  The WDTV creates its own cache of backdrops.   That’s a new “feature” of the WDTV that was added well after I published the XML Fetcher…  :)