Get Content Info for movie files that are on external HD plugged into the WD Live HUB

I am trying to find out how to load “Get Content Info” on my movies that are connected to the WD LIVE HUB via USB.

After playing around with this. I noticed that only the movie files that are in the HUB are able to search for content and then get the DVD jacket graphics and brekdown of the movie.  The 1 or 2 external hard drives you plug into the HUB have less options to pull up movie content and post the DVD Jacket.  Does anyone know how we get around this.  I want to be able to get snopsys and acctors as well as the DVD JAcketg cover. 

You have to wait until the media library is compiled before that option will appear in the menu.

But this has been days and the message showing “compiling media library” has already gone away. I can see all my movies it just wont give me the option to Find Contect. Do your external USD hard drive movies allow you to search for content? It almost looks like it is not an option with external sources. Let me know what you think.  Thanks

By the way, this thread is in the wrong forum.  This is the Live / Live+ forum, not the Live Hub forum.

It’s certainly allowed to “Get Content Info” on external sources; both USB devices and Network Attached Storage (NAS) work fine.

And yes, you can SEARCH the External Drives as well…

I can’t imagine what your issue might be…  The only guess I have is that you started browsing the files BEFORE the compile was complete, and never went back to the HOME screen AFTER it was complete.

In other words, the Extended Menu Options won’t appear unless you go back to the HOME screen and go back in to VIDEOs.