"Get Content Info" changes sort order

All of my video files have a special file naming scheme so that they appear in order and with sequels together. For example, the new batman movies are named “Batman [1] Begins (2005).mp4” and “Batman [2] Dark Knight, The”. Now I updated the content info to get images, info, etc, and now the titles are “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. Not only are they seperate from each other now (can’t just hit next button to play next movie) but “The Dark Knight” shows up in the T’s with a whole bunch of other movies that start with “The”. That’s just retarded if you ask me.

Is there anyway that I can sort by FILENAME rather than title? Or is there a way to get my filenames back the way they were before getting content info (besides removing the info completely) or rename the titles?

Copy the XML FILE and the JPG file which were created with “Get Content Info” to a temporary location.

Then, in the Hub, do CLEAR CONTENT INFO on those files.

Now, MOVE the XML and JPG which you saved before back to the original location and names.

Strictly speaking, they will no longer be in the MEDIA LIBRARY (which means you can’t search or filter them) but the name will now display according to the XML, and the SORT will be according to the FILENAME.

Ideally a solution to this issue won’t remove some other functionality.