Get Content for Movies

Okay so I just got my WDTV Live Streaming player today and am pretty happy with it so far. It works so much better than what I was using previously, the Logitech Revue Google tv. Theres one issue I have with it so far and thats getting content for my movies. Theres gotta be an easier way than choosing get content, searching one at a time to fill up my library with glorious information.

Has anyone found any decent software on the pc side to edit filenames/metadata or simpify this task.

I have tried Zeeb and therenamer which are both intended on doing just that but they do not work too well for me.

Zeeb likes the most promising and tomorrow when I get a minute I will try this again on my pc.

Have you set the get content info option to auto in your settings?

I dont that and from the 300-400gb of movies i have it only needed 10-12 to be manually updated and that was mainly due to the naming format I used on those 10-12.

You could also have a look at the other sw used on this forum such as thumbgen and see if that will create the .xml and .metathumb.

I “discovered” the auto function last night… Took about 3 minutes to do 90 movies and only skipped 3 that I named wrong. It looks great when used with the Mojo theme (cover flow mode).

I did use Thumbgen before but it did not work propperly for me.