Get 2 WD TV Lives to play same music simultaeneously

Is it possible to have two or more WD TV Lives networked together (in different rooms) and get them to play the same music at the same time, i.e. they play in sync simultaeneously - how iTunes and its AirPlay works. For example, say I’m having a party and I want the same music played throughout the house without any delay in sync.

I’m guessing the answer is no, you can’t get one W TV Live to control another.

Does microsofts windows 7 “play to” feature provide a ‘multiple speaker’ option that will sync whats being played on multiple media players ?

Thanks for any advice.

****** Update *****

Oops, just seen a recent topic below talking about the same issue. And I did a search too. Doh ! Not a good start for a new member.

Hi there, “play to” should do it… I could be wrong though.