Genre Icons

A quick question for you all.

Is it possible to use a file format other than .JPG for the folder “ICON”?

I currently have all my movies catergorised (Action, Adventure, Animation, and so on) and was wondering if instead of using a .JPG file for the Folder Icon I could use something else to achieve a cleaner look for the Folders? Maybe I have my wires croseed but would .PNG allow me to get rid of the hidious borders of my icons?

Thanks for your time :smiley:

Yes, you can use PNG files as far as I know, but I doubt it will change the way they’re displayed…  They will be presented the same way a JPG file is…

That’s a fair shout, shall a play round some more this week and see if there is any improvement to be had.


Tony’s right - you will still have the frame supplied by WD, the image inside will just be png instead of jpg.

Smashing, shall not bother to waste my time, thanks for your help guys.

Thomas :smiley: