Genie 9 Timeline and DLINK IP Cameras

OK My DLINK DNS320L passed away recently so after a bit of research I went for the My Cloud Home product as it seemed to meet all of my expectations.

I now find actually it doesn’t meet any except creation of a super user account and individual accounts so that data of the individuals is kept safe from prying eyes.

I have looked at the SMB and CIF file solution as I had do this recently to my PC because the Fall update mucked up DAV function on that model mucked.

OK so mine are showing as OK but all I have access to is the public folder which I am not happy to add files to. I am using Genie 9 Timeline for my backups because I paid for it under my last unit not thinking that when I move to WD that it might not work and the solution is Arconis or some “FREE” 3rd party backup software that works with my particular model. When you go to the links you find that they really aren’t free but trialware. my problem is that I cant copy over 500 gb of data to my new drive because you cant copy over folders with upload or drag anf drop. Sorry but the mind boggles as t why such a backward model would be sold on the market to the public if it cant function properly.

My question is has anyone been able to use Genie 9 Timeline successfully with the My Cloud Home.

If so how did you do it?

Linking IP Cameras to the My Cloud Home. I have two DCS933L and one DCS932L. I hedged my bets with DLINK because everything integrated. The problem now is that they don’t make NAS anymore. They only make a Digital Video Recorder for their Cameras. The problem is that I don’t want to fork more money on IFTTT cameras.

Finally why cant you upload folders to the My Cloud Home? People do create them on their HDs so that you can link or locate files in their folders easily? If some is able to let me know on this one again I would be grateful.

OK Rant over I am off to lunch! :slight_smile:

PS why cant we add our own tags? Grrrrr

OK I resolved the folders issue. If you logon via google or Firefox then you can drag and drop the files across. Now the page that I found on the net suggested that Edge the Internet Explorer replacement works. When I tried this it wanted the individual files rather than folders. Just be careful. If you upload a folder and it doesn’t show-in activity dont add the the folder again because you will get another folder ending in _1. The rest of the other points I will advise if there is a wat to sort them out.