Generation 2 Live and iPhone remote app

I know WDTV say the iPhone app only works with Generation 3 - Live Streaming.

I have Generation 2 (which by the way they are still selling new in New Zealand) model WDBAAP0000NBK.

1/ Is there any official word on why they did not make the app work with Generation 2.

2/ Is there an alternative app for iPhone (3rd party) that anyone is aware of.


That’s not a “Gen 2.”

If anything, it’s a “Gen 1,” but it’s confusing to call these things “Gen” anything.   It’s just the old WDTV Live HD.

Retailers may still be selling old stock, but I doubt WD is still selling them… They pretty much went off the market in 2010 when the WDTV Live Plus HD came out.

1- Because they didn’t.   The Older Live/Live+ have a totally different operating system / environment than the newer boxes that the remote was designed to work with.

2- I remember hearing of a few, but I’d bet if you search this forum, you’ll find some info…

Thanks Tony,

Yes the models get confusing.

I can see now it is really 1st Gen WD TV LIVE.

I will keep searching for iPhone remote links/references - if anyone else knows of the links/posts, drop a reply.