Generate Movie xmls without backdrops

Thought I would share this with all those that are using Moviesheets and don’t want the backdrops in your xml’s.

I previous version of TG (version does not generate xmls with backdrop data.  If you don’t have this version, you can download it from HERE.

You should be aware though, that depending on what Colletor you use to scape the info, you may not be able to use this version because TG has to update some of these on a regular basis.  TheMovieDB and TheTVDB should work fine though.

PS.  If this version still adds the backdrop data, let me know, because I’m going from memory and it may be the version prior to this one and I’ll have to change the upload.

I forgot to mention, if you do not need the “Overview” in the xml, and you want to use the latest version of TG, you can also try changing the device TG is exporting for.

Instead of using “Export using WDTV Live Hub format” in the Input/Output naming, change it to “Export using TVixie format” or “Export using XBMC format”.  One formats is close to the HUBs format, except for Overview and it doesn’t have the backdrop lines.

Made a request to TG the other day to make an option to get backdrops or not, also to make a TV hub compat xml template.

hopefully he is able to work them into an update