GeneralKey MFT-78XS/PKB-1700 from ORtek wireless keyboard not working

Hi, I have bought the wireless keyboard GeneralKeys MFT-78XS which uses 2,4Ghz. (and not bluetooth). ( Unfortunately it does not work with the wd tv Live (I have tried 1.03.43, 1.04.10 and 1.04.17). It works fine on a windows vista laptop without installing any driver. It installs there as a standard HID. When I connect it to the wd tv live I see a slow blinking LED at the receiver. After using the ID-button on the backside of the keyboard the LED starts blinking fast. While I am pressing a key the LED blinks even faster. Therefore I assume that the wireless connection between the receiver and the keyboard works fine. But unfortunately there is no effect in the menu of the wdtv live and no reaction in the search window of (e.g.) youtube. Is there anybody who uses this keyboard on the wd tv live?

Thx in advance, Fussy

Update: This keyboard is the same as the PKB-1700  from ORtek (

And I found a forum-thread describing to integrate this keyboard in Ubuntu:

Maybe this helps…

This is weird, as a rule, if does not install any specific driver, it should work with the WD TV.