General support question

I just have a general questionabout EX2’s support - hopefully someone from WD will shed light on this.

I know the EX2 comes with basic installation and troubleshooting support for the first 30 days after purchase. But I am wondering would EX2 customers have to buy extended support should problems arise with the product and we need troubleshooting - say a new firmware gets released and some feature that used to work breaks. Will the only way WD tech support troubleshoot that issue (or perhaps escalate to a level 2 tech) only if the customer purchased the extended support mentioned here -> . I know the EX2 comes with a 2-year warranty - but to troubleshoot before WD determines that the product needs warranty replacement, does one customer have to have extended support.

Not that I need support now - but I’d like to know this beforehand because on the linked page above it says extended support must be purchased within the 30-day free support period and my window for that is closing soon.

Hi Cybernut1,

As you have mentioned all WD products come with 30 days of free tech support over the phone. After this you have the option to pay US$14.95 for 1 year of tech support. Another option you have is to contact support via email, this option is free for WD customers.

Thanks. Ok - email support is free and available during the warranty period…just phone support isn’t beyond the first 30-days…got it.