General Questions about My Cloud Mirror (Linux)

Hello community!

I have had a My Cloud Mirror 4TB edition, for 4 years or so and there are a couple of things that I quite do not understand how it really works.

I am a Linux apprentice so, the last year I have been using it more from SSH connection than anything else (since my warranty expired, I am super careful with what I do there).

However, there is some “odd” behavior that I want to run by you guys, so you can tell me if is actually something wrong or not with the operation of the box.

Here is the data of the device:
Model Number: WDBZVM0040JWT-NESN
Description: MY CLOUD MIRROR 4TB
BusyBox v1.20.2
“WDMyCloudMirror” Firmware Version:

The odd behavior I am referring to is, every time I reboot the device (power outage, user reboot by any reason, etc.) all the configurations I create on any Linux directory gets deleted at bootup (except of course in /mnt/ where basically we have the drives and USB with all the personal data)

Just to give you an example this are (more or less) the configurations I have tried that, gets erased every time:

  • Custom Login Banner (for SSH connections)
  • Cron jobs/tasks
  • Addition of public keys for ssh connections from remote devices
  • Directories and files created anywhere but /mnt/
  • Some Shared drives via FTP, gets disabled for some users. (Really annoying because I have an external Linux server backing up stuff via FTP against the NAS)

I guess my question would be:

1.- How exactly this “BusyBox” works and why my configurations gets deleted after reboot?
2.- Is this normal behavior?
3.- How can I bypass this? Since my warranty expired, I think I have no problem experimenting with SSH configurations as long as I am careful not to brick-wall the device.

Any help, is very much appreciated.