General question

Silly question, but, does my computer need to be on or running for the safepoint backup to run? If it goes to sleep or hibernation, would the safepoint sw awaken it?
Or, do the “network drives” (two myclouds) talk directly to each other in the background?
As it appears the mycloud safepoint software does not allow individual shares to be backed up, would this functionality be available through smartware?
I have two myclouds (3tb), and an older mybook (2tb), both Ethernet and on the network, and want to backup only certain individual shares to each other as a backup routine - any recommendations as to what b/u sw would work well?
My pc is a dell core 2 duo 4 gig ram win 7.
nice little work horse … just looking for an automated b/u solution. thanks

No, your computer is not required to be running for safepoint backup, assuming you are backing up one mycloud to another. Yes network drives can talk to each other directly.

If you want to backup only individual shares you can use rsync with cron job on one of the mycloud and rsync daemon running on another, ( you will need some linux experience). I have posted a guide about running rsync daemon in this forum.