General Network Help

I have just bough the WD TV Live with a Asus Wireless Adaptor

I have a wireless router which my main PC is connected to and my wifes Laptop connects to.

My PC runs Windows 7 The laptop runs Vista

I can get the WDTV to connect to the wireless network and it will allow me to stream from my PC.

It will not however discover my wifes laptop. I have tried a number of tutorials on sharing files and network

setting but nothing works. Is there a surefire tutorial ? Would I be best to upgrade the laptop to Windows 7 so we share the OS ?

Any Help would be appreciated

Not one Response ?

The WDTV Live recocognizes my main PC but not two other laptops that are on the network

All the three computers see each other on the Network but WDTV will only find my main PC as a shared network. I had a mediagate 350  which because of Windows 7 became obsolete, the WD LIve TV and  the Asus USB -N13 Wireless N Adaptor I was told would allow me to share media on my Home Network. I have searched on the done a stack of suggestions even restored a previous WDTV LIve firmware. 

I am at the point that it is going to be returned unless I get a fix soon

Also the WD Discovery program can find nothing on the network

Any advice would be most appreciated   

Dude, those letters are painful to read (I wear glasses). Well, if I were you I’d double-check the settings, checking that they are both on a home network with the same workgroup name and that network discovery is on on the network and sharing center… Check the network services as well by typing services.msc on the search bar to see if a service is not running…