General Feedback - WD My Cloud OS 3 iOS Mobile App

WD would like to invite the My Cloud users to share their experiences with the new My Cloud iOS mobile app.  You can post your feedback here in this thread.

Some general feedback ideas:

  • Look and feel of the user interface
  • Remote access functionality

The app is useless without thumbnails 

Just wanted to give you my feedback with the IPhone app on OS3

Good points

  • really nice refresh compared to the older app
  • feels a lot faster
  • nice that you can check the status of your drive from the app/firmware upgrades etc.

bad points/need to improve

  • quite disappointed that you still can’t play avi/mkv files via the app itself, its still a common file format which really needs to be introduced, I was hoping with this update that you would be able to play these files. Funny thing is if remotely log into a web browser on a computer & login you can play avi/mkv files that way but not via the phone app which is bizarre.

  • Automatic camera roll back up, great feature however it doesn’t automatically back up new photos that have been taken, I have tried removing the folder the photos are saved in to re add it etc but only backs up the whole camera role & doesn’t back up any new photos.

  • Rather than linking files, it would be nice in the future if you could attach say word documents to an email rather than a link to it (e.g. like dropbox)

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USeful app, but potential improvements to make it a great app.

  1. Show thumbnail images for image files

  2. Fix the issue with the cache taking up too much room on host device. My iOS device has the cache set to 1Gb, yet the app is storing 1.4Gb and even when I clear the cache it is still there, and often prevents iOS updates running as I don’t have the space required.


  1. Auto backup doesn’t work at iPhone 4S, no how.
  2. Auto backup doesn’t work at iPhone 5S, only first back up has been implemented, new added photos can be backed up only if reinitialize backup folder in an app.

Copying more than 1 photo from ex2 to iPhone/iPad isn’t very user friendly.  Would be nice to select multiple photos and download to camera roll.

Agree and the same problem with sharing to 3rd party apps like What’s up and viber. So share more than 1 file is nightmare.

Regarding the playback of unsupported video formats (avi, mkv, etc), the app’s help page indicates that a “Send To” button should be available at the top right of the screen and that any application that can play such a video type should then appear on an “open with” menu. Upon attempting to send an mkv to VLC using this procedure, all I can do is “Send Link” using the “Share” button that appears in the top right after selecting an mkv file. Am I doing something wrong?

I have My Cloud version 4.4.1 installed on my iPhone 6 running iOS 9.0.2, as well as VLC version 2.6.6. I know that VLC can play mkv files stored locally on the device, so why can I not open mkv files on my cloud in the VLC app on iOS? I confirmed that I can do this on the current Android versions of both applications, so what stops the application from sending content to VLC on iOS?

Still no solution for this? I cannot clear cache.