Gen3 freezing while looking for shares? Is this for real?

Sorry for venting. I really just cannot believe my eyes.

Have three (3) WD TV Live (older model) players. Very smooth and really the best device out there. Used them for years now with samba and windows, USB sticks, drives and NASes. No problems, just a crash once a month or so.

Today, went out and got a new gen3 device, plugged it in. Same IP address, same cables. Did a firmware update on first boot.

While trying to browse for windows shares, device freezes “Select content source: windows shares”. Not responding to anything but removing the power cable. Some kind of watchdog boots the device automatically after several minutes of frozen state.

Wired LAN connection, fixed IP. Several samba and one windows share. 

Previous devices worked flawlessly. 

Please some friendly soul tell me can i be doing something wrong or is the new device really just this crappy?

try with a factory restore on the new media player and test the unit again.

same problem here. the gen3 have serious netcode issues.

but at least i got it to work with windows shares again… after a week of research!
Seems that my router have a higher NET priority as the SMP and keep the SMP from connecting to anyting else, I have to disable the Routers samba/NLDA service to be able to connect to my PC Win Shares,
Try to connect to your smb:\ server directly and disable all other devices and see what happens.

waiting to show up a name in the share window for more then 5 seconds is useless. eater it shows up immediately or it does never show.

Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately the problem seems very persistent.

Got it to find a share… Once.  Propably due to the box being on and idle for a long while before trying to connect (master browser negotiation?).

No problems with network services between other devices. SMB connections between a samba server and a windows workstation working fine - as well as a NFS client and a NAS box.

Propably i’ll just shelf the box for a while and wait for a firmware update. The old one works like a charm.