Gen2 UART problem

Looks like the UART on my gen2 has a problem. When I boot all of the messages display on the terminal.
But when the system has finished the boot sequence. I get no login prompt. I can using chroot get a login prompt
to show up on the console. But when I type root nothing happens. I can cat out to the /dev/ttyS0 but I can’t cat < /dev/ttyS0. The strange thing is that what I type is echoed back to the terminal.

Am I missing something. It would appear that the receive path into the gen2 is not functioning. Just don’t understand the echo working.

Hi, I haven’t experienced this issue, let’s hope another user that has encountered the same issue can share some information in regards to this.

Is the boot using one baud rate, but then changing to a different baud rate after configuration?

Or is boot simply disabling the TTY port when it has finished?

Have you got local echo enabled on whatever terminal software you are using?

I replaced the mother board and it now is working as it should. So I guess I some how damaged the rx side of the motherboard. So the old motherboard is good just can’t use the UART port.