Gen 2. newest firmware text overlay always appears

I have a wdtv gen. 2. when i play a video text appears on the screen momentarily that show’s if there’s audio in the video.

i.e. 1/1: audio channel mpeg, or 0/0: No audio (something like that)

this text momentarily appears everytime a video plays. is there a way to turn this off? Preferable to never see this text show at all. Maybe an older firmware that didn’t do this?

the problem comes when i have a 45second movie and it’s looping, this text appears for a few seconds everytime it loops. The gen. 1 version didn’t have this.


I know what you mean.  I do believe that the developers have been informed of this as many people have complained about this.  Hopefully they will fix it in a future firmware update.

This also seems to be the case for the WD Live. Also i noticed that it now has a problem with fast forwarding. When hitting the FF after hitting play it takes about 15 seconds for it to start playing again.