Gen 2 latest model and 7.1 sound

My Gen 2 now back-dated onto the .77 firmware is hooked up to a Sony Bravia 32ex401

via HDMi and has no issues.

Last week I ripped Star Trek 2 BR’s m2ts file for playback “on the box”

Annoyingly the only commentry free english soundtrack is the primary

one (track 1) which is report by the WDTV as being: Dolby True 7.1 and I

get no sound from any TV I hook it up to.

Does anyone have an aswer to this before I delete the movie?

PS: Yes I know I can rip the film to a different file format so please keep

any responses to the m2ts and original sound file type…ta

Star Trek 2?   As in, The Wrath of Khan?

The specsheet for that Blu-Ray say the audio is AC-3, not TruHD 7.1.  Hmmmm.

What happens if you set the AUDIO mode of the WDTV to STEREO instead of digital?   On the Lives, at least, that will downmix to 2-channel.

If that doesn’t work, then you already know the solution; you’ll have to transcode the audio into something your TV will digest.

It’s DD TrueHD…all the other european ones are AC3 plus two AC3 english with commentry.

Defo 7.1, WDTV set to stereo. Funny thing is it doesn’t come up with the (unsupported) caption

so it’s almost as if the WDTV is happy to output it but it doesn’t come out the other end !?


Oh well ,seen it loads and it’s not the slightly extended version either so delete it I shall.

TonyPh12345 wrote:

The specsheet for that Blu-Ray say the audio is AC-3, not TruHD 7.1.  Hmmmm.


Which spec sheet?

Paramount themselves say 7.1:–the-wrath-of-kahn-blu-ray.html :wink:

Yep; you’re right!   I was looking at Amazon’s product details list.