Gen 1 Photo Backup Post OS 3 EOL

How will the backup of pictures and videos taken on cellphones work after support for OS 3 ends next year? Right now, my phone is setup to copy pictures and videos to My Cloud every time I connect to WiFi. When on vacation, my pictures backup each night I get to my hotel room. My understanding is I will be losing hotel room backups, but what about at home? Will picture backup at home also stop working?

Post edited to update with newer information recently released by WD. See the email information below along with the following post that has a link to a WD support page with much more information on this shutdown of OS3 app and remote access.

Edit to add: Per a WD email I received a few minutes ago about the end of OS3 support, this is what they state in the email:

Support for your My Cloud device is changing

Western Digital continuously evaluates and improves our hardware, software, and services as security standards evolve. As a result, we’ve determined that it’s necessary to end support for prior generations of My Cloud OS, including My Cloud OS 3. You should act now to protect your content.

On April 15, 2022, support for prior generations of My Cloud OS, including My Cloud OS 3, will end. Your device isn’t compatible with critical security updates that are only available for My Cloud OS 5-compatible devices. As a result, you’ll only be able to access it locally. After April 15, 2022, your device will no longer receive remote access, security updates, or technical support. To help protect your content, we recommend that you back up your device, disconnect it from the internet, and protect it with a strong, unique password. Check out our recent My Cloud updates to learn more.

Thank you for being a long-time Western Digital customer. We understand that your content is important to you, and we appreciate that you trust us to help you preserve it. To show our appreciation, we’re sending you a 20% discount coupon in January 2022 that you can use toward an eligible device. Keep your eye out for another email from us with information about that discount.

My Cloud Team

Also more information on the mobile app:

Q: Will my device stop working if I can’t upgrade to My Cloud OS 5? Will I lose access to my data?
A: Once the services have been shut down, you will still be able to access the device on a local network. However, access through the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app or web app will not be possible. Email notifications also won’t be delivered. Devices that have auto-update enabled will receive a final firmware update to disable remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services. Then, support will end and you’ll have to use the local network to access the device.

Q: I can’t upgrade to My Cloud OS 5, are there compatibility fixes planned for future desktop or mobile OS?
A: My Passport Wireless users will still be able to use the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app. Otherwise, the My Cloud OS 3 app will not be able to access any My Cloud or My Book Live devices.

Really? OS3 app will function for the MyPassport Wireless?


and why those devices and not others?

Honestly - - - I own two of these Wireless devices. I have tried to use the app with those devices. . .but the OS/3 app hasn’t really worked right for me for a while (I deleted it off my phone a few months back for this reason)

(Unfounded speculation: The MyPasssport wireless is still an active product. BUT. . .they have not/cannot make it upgrade to OS5. They have done ZERO upgrades to the firmware for YEARS. (in other words: I would NOT put this device on the internet). So . . .they let it be.

I suspect it doesn’t require much server support just for the MyPassport Wireless crowd. These devices are not meant to be accessed from across the world. . .the intent is to bring it with you and access from across the room)

Yeah. . … I would LOVE to have that functionality.

Honestly. . .never been too successful making this work. Which is why I bring computers with me when I travel :slight_smile:

You need to configure VPN access to your home LAN. Most likely your router has builtin VPN that can be configured in your Android or iOS device.
And you My Cloud can still be accessed using SMB and SSH.
I recommend Foldersync Pro for Android (it is based on SMB) and PhotoBackup for iOS (it uses SSH).
To backup I need to connect the VPN and then run the application. Actually both work faster than the MyCloud app.
And your VPN to your home network might be safer than a WD remote access as they had security issues in the past and took quite long to fix them.