Gen 1 & Gen 2, let's please get this straighten out (confused)


Let’s try to get this correct because I’m confused and so does everyone else that I’ve looked up on the net.  I went from Tvix to now WD Media but I’m a little confused.

I purchased WD TV LIVE which is made for streamline and I like it.  Now I hear there’s Generation 2 out which is better or more stable and allows for better home brews.  I’m really big on menu systems and if Generation 2 allows you to have full access to customizing a menu system then I’m all for it.  The problem is, I’m reading there’s no Generation 2 Live boxes, is this true?  

I returned my WD TV LIVE at best buy and got the WD TV version which is suppose to be Generation 2 but the problem is there’s no network access and I use Drobo to stream over the router to the box which used to be Tvix.

What is the difference between the two generations and can media be streamed with WD TV or is there a WD TV LIVE generation 2 out there?

My head hurts…

There’s a WD TV Gen 1.  That’s the original, which has no network support but (IIRC) has a decent enough homebrew scene.

There’s a WD TV Gen 2.  That introduced new (better?) hardware but essentially the same basic features (but no network support).  Also, the new hardware meant all the old homebrew firmwares wouldn’t work.  I believe B-Rad has started supporting this model with his homebrew firmware now.

There’s a WD TV Live.  It’s the newest model.  There is no Gen 2 version.  It has network support (wired via in-built RJ45 port and wireless with a USB dongle).  B-Rad has a popular (well, pretty much the only) homebrew firmware that adds many new features to the device.  Since it’s based off the official firmware, many niggles and bugs are still present.  He has found some workarounds for other bugs though.  That’ll be the one to check out.   Click here to visit the site.

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Thanks Pixel, that explains a lot now.  I have the WD TV Live model WDBAAN0000NB I’m guessing that’s the new one but not Gen 2?  I’ll look into some home brews and see how they work out.