GDrive on RedHat Linux


Hi, I have a 10TB GDrive w/Thunderbolt technology. It has been previously used on Win 10 formatted as NTFS. I now have the need to populate the GDrive with data from RedHat Linux OS. I have tried reformatting the drive as NTFS and exFat format. Either format results in the RedHat Linux machine saying the format is unsupported when I plug the GDrive in via the supplied USB 3.0 cable. A Linux “df -h” command does not show the drive listed/mounted. IE: it will not automount.

Is the GDrive compatible with the RedHat Linux operating system? If so, do I need an administrator to mount and reformat the GDrive as root? And if so, which is the best format to choose if I have thousands of files to copy to the GDrive, some of which may be greater than 10GB/file?
Thanks for any help you can provide.


We don’t have any support for Linux


There apparently is no official support for Linux. However, I have just had success in formatting my 12TB GDrive as ext4 and mounting it manually. I haven’t messed with setting it up to automount as I don’t need it to. I used gparted to delete the existing partitions, and made all available space (in MiB. Didn’t try cylinders) as ext4. I then did ‘mkdir /mnt/megadisk’ and ‘mount /dev/sdb1 -t ext4 -o rw /mnt/megadisk’ and that did the trick.