Gdrive Mobile 4TB

Was working then one day say USB device not recognized. The drive spins up and light comes on, but the computer can’t see. Was using with USB-C then I tried USB 3.0 and still didn’t work. I just used it to back up another old 4tb drive that was going bad, can’t afford this one to go bad before i can back it up. Sad thing was the older (3 yrs) was a Gdrive also.

Device not recognized messages like you’re getting usually point towards partition corruption on the drive and not hardware fault.

You can verify if the computer still detects the unit by checking Disk Utility on a Mac or Disk Management if on Windows.

If it shows there but won’t mount then it means there is corruption on the device and your best method forward would be attempt rebuilding/recovery. If you are on a Mac then you can use Disk Warrior to attempt to rebuild the drive. It has the best chance at being able to restore your drive.

If on Windows then you’ll need to try data recovery software such as Data Rescue.

If the computer cannot detect the drive at all then it would be a hardware fault and the unit would need to be replaced under warranty. You can generate an RMA on our website here: RMA Creation

Disk management doesn’t see the disk It hangs and I get a USB error, saying USB device can not be recognized

I created an RMA for it, I am bringing it to a Local drive shop to see if they can recover the data before being sent in for RMA. Unless RMA will recover data.

We do not have the ability to recover. The warranty is just a replacement device.

See if this helps: G-Drive partition corrupted