Gapless update

Where is WD in implementing gapless adudio playback?  Forgive me if the single word status of “acknowledged” provided so far is less than enlightening.

Here’s what others have been up to recently: 


  • The folks at JRiver, Foobar2000 and Whitebear (just a handful of people total) have found a way to implement gapless playback that works for upnp and DLNA renderers - all it took was exchanging a few messages and a few hours to modify code.  Only the foobar2000 work is still in progress - the others are already done.

  • Cambridge, Squeezebox, and Linn players all enable some form of gapless playback renderers with existing upnp and DLNA protocols - nothing proprietary.  WD doesn’t need to invent anything.

  • Roku and Apple are crushing WD in the media streamer market.  Per , Apple and Roku have 95% of hte market.  Perhaps if WD wants a different market share they should do something …differently.  Gapless would be a good thing that would be different from Roku, and eliminate the gapless advantage that Apple has over you.

  • Even if a handful of extremely small companies are far more technically skilled than WD for gapless knowledge, WD should at least consider hiring one of the companies on a contract basis to modify your code if your engeineers can’t handle it.  Heck, join their forum discussion and get educated and get help for free.

  • Even if WD tries to hide behind the lack of DLNA control points that can recognize gapless commands, by now you know that Android controllers using 4.1 are or will be universally capable extremely soon - so that excuse can be ignored.

So where is WD on gapless implementation?  My frustration at your inability demonstrated so far aside, I actaully want WD to succeed in providing a competitive successful streamer.


hot4gapless wrote:
So where is WD on gapless implementation?

You need to contact WD directly to get that information, keep in mind this is a user to user forum.