Gapless Audio

When willl a Firmware update bring Gapless Audio Playback ?

Its been “PLANNED” since WD TV 1

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Only contacting WD Tech support you will get an official response. Because this is a user to user forum and WD technicians seldom post here.

Does any competing player have this feature, at least for FLAC files? It’s one of the biggest things I miss.

Think most other media players support gapless audio playback

Most  £15 mp3 players support gapless audio

I just think wd tv would be so good if it supported this, a serious no brainer when deciding which media player to buy.

I know there has been talk of it needed a duel core chip to process two mp3 files to stop the horrible gap we hear but this thing plays 1080p video at mbps so I think the chip is up to it , well is it WD ?

It can play 8 channels of lossless audio at once (Dolby Tru-HD 7.1), at the same time as 1080p video, so I don’t see why 4 channels (2 tracks, both in stereo) mp3 should be a problem.

Steve W

Never thought of that …true it support Dolby Tru-HD 7.1

WD TV needs this … please fix it WD

Ya’ll are comparing apples and oranges.

Just because it can do 8 channels of audio in a single stream doesn’t imply it should be able to do gapless audio of stereo sources.

The difference is because one is a SINGLE STREAM, the other requires DUAL STREAMS.

*ALL* media players (be it a streamer or an iPod or MP3 player) must start up a new decoding thread in the CPU for each new track.   The reason being:   The encoding may be different between the two tracks.

Track one may be MP3 / 192KHz,  the next one may be M4A / 128 KHz.

iPods handle all of that in hardware; the CPU can decode multiple streams simultaneously.  

It actually STARTS decoding Track 2 in hardware BEFORE track 1 completes.

In hardware players that only decode a single stream, the decoder and all the buffering must be reset between tracks, hence the gap.

Gapless audio is MUCH more complex than most people imagine…

But there *IS* a workaround.

If your MP3s are all encoded the same way, you can CONCATENATE them and make them gapless quite easily.

The downside is that you have larger single tracks.  :)

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Cheers for that.

But can we confirm this new model doesn’t have enough grunt to do what is required?

Steve W

I think its safe to say that an album will most likley be encoded at the same bit rate and format, and this is where we need gapless playback : audio books, live concerts and nearly every dance cd ever made.

Its safe and you woudl expect a gap with a mixture of tracks from differnt albums say in a playlist where the encoding could be differnt.

Maybe WD coudl add a switch for this ?

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