Gapless Audio

When will the WD TV Gen/Gen2 Support Gapless Audio PLayback like every other mp3 player  in the world ?

The officail users voice site has Gapless audio requested by 1000’s of user come one we need it ??!

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WD say at that it is planned. For this decade, I don’t know!!

I went trough hell and back … and now I have to go and get a player which works.

Here to your info my struggle:

I wrote in: Computer Audiophile and dbPoweramp Forums


funny noise when .wav rip with dbpoweramp
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Hello, Yes I am new here and asking for help.
When playing the .wav files with the WD Media player via S/PDIF optic cable to the Lexicon (MC80), I get between the tracks like a fine clicking noise. (Pink Floyd)
I used the fully set-up dbPoweramp to rip the CD with 48K / 24 bit and no errors.
Anybody any ideas …

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Thu, 01/07/2010 - 17:37 — Audio_ELF
Starting point…
To start, when ripping CDs with any application you should set it to 16/44.1 as this is the native sample rate / depth of a CD. Best to avoid resampling especially to 48khz. 
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Fri, 01/08/2010 - 07:50 — ducnalf
I tried …
First, thankyou for your effort.
I tried first at 44.1/16 --> the same.
I removed all meta data --> the same.
I unpluged the toslink from the media player to the Lexicon and pluged in the analog(red+white)cable–>the same.
I upgraded the firmware to the latest version on the WD Media player --> the same.
I played the files/tracks with the Windows media player from the same hard disk --> and a smooth transition from track one to track 2.

My next step will be trying an other/different Multi Media Player … ?? like a Magic Pixel MD200 Mediabox ??

Or is there anything more promising out there?
Have a nice weekend …

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The GAP is getting bigger between the Community and WESTERN DIGITAL.

There Mediaplayers can NOT reproduce GAPLESS AUDIO (mp3 or wav).

My portable COWEN D2 can do no problem.

It is very annoying to hear a “scratch” and a pause between (and sometimes within) songs.

Please tell us when this software bug will be fixed.

I`m not alone here. People start up to find out!

Glad its not just me on thsi one … Looks at that users voice 2,005 votes (People) want support for this too !

I agree there are loads of cheap Mp3 players that support this and lots of live music plus Nearly all Dance and rock cds should be gapless.

Come WD you can process Home videos at 1080p buffering mbs of data, this should be easy for you ?!?!?

Bump … come on WD sort out Gapless Audio you promised this months ago !