Game Of Thrones S02E01 720p .MKV

My WDTV Live chokes when tryin got play this file. Latest firmware.

Anyone else having issues with it.

I seem to have all sorts of problems with the MKV format. Some work great, some don’t.

Please let me know if you are able to play this file

I don’t pirate video files, so, no, I don’t have a problem with that show.

I don’t pirate video files either!

And I didn’t ask for a lecture. The WDTV has played everythig I have thrown at it. Even my own MKV encodings. However this file seemed to be a problem for it. Or at least I thought so … hence my question which you didn’t answer. Anyhow I redownloaded it and the WDTV played it no problemo! So it must have been something on my end.


Downloading video that you already own (for personal use) is perfectly legal here in Canada. We pay a media tax on everything to cover that. I recorded the show on my HDPVR through my cable company which I PAY FOR … $100 / month!!

But since I can’t easily move the PVR box around my house I also downloaded a recording from the Internet of the same video to watch on my WDTV Live in my bedroom. I do not share the files and I already purchased it by purchasing the Channel and PVR from the cable company … hence I do not pirate them.

Anyhow … problem solved. And lets face it, 90% of WDTV Live owners download stuff. That’s why we all love the WDTV - because it plays everything!

jtoronto wrote:
And lets face it, 90% of WDTV Live owners download stuff.

Says you. It must be true then.

Uhhh,  I think I’d check the laws here in the U.S. before you think you’re okay.  First of all, just because you pay for cable doesn’t mean you own the show.  You would need to purchase the download/dvd/Bluray to say you own it.  Secondly, as is being tested in the UK, just because you’re in Canada doesn’t mean that you can get away with doing something illegal in the U.S. without the companies here going after you.  Last I heard, Game of Thrones is owned by HBO, which is a U.S. company.  Furthermore, just downloading a show without purchasing it could itself be considered illegal.