Gallery View @@ Variables - Help Needed To Display Movie Title whilst using LINKSHEETS

Is there a list of @@ variables which can be used in gallery view (rv_gallery_browse_page.xml)? I am using linksheets right now, and want to display the text of the movie along the bottom of the page. I could do this before (sort of) with moviesheets, as using @@browse_text I could display the information included in the associated XML file’s tag. 

i.e. Toy Story Toons: Small Fry would display if…

     toy_story_small_fry.xml contained

           Toy Story Toons: Small Fry


rv_gallery_browse_page.xml included something like:

Can I do this? Or, do I need to generate title information in the “linksheet background”. I know I can do it like that easily using thumbgen, but I liked that if I didn’t have one generated, I could still see the title of whatever movie was highlighted, just by it being the active selection.

Thanks in advance!


Just a Note… 

By using @@browse_text I am able to display the full name of the file / folder. But, I am looking for a way to display the information without the file extension.

I want: Toy Story

As Opposed To: Toy Story.mkv


Movie titles eg. Toy Story.mkv

will only lose media file extension eg. *.mkv file if they have been scraped using the Hub’s internal scraper and you have the Media Library ON.


Here’s a link to a Basic Instruction Manual for Themeing supplied by Western Digital (which they later removed)

Thanks! Much Appreciated!