Gallery View and disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_#"


I had an idea a week or two ago about using the ‘disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_#’ in the Gallery view to move the movie information around and over the bank holiday weekend I realised I could use the ‘disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_#’ for multiple thumbnails and the idea’s came thick and fast and I have created a couple of Gallery view xml’s if you would like to try them out.

The first one (Perspective 7/9 Active and Mirror) has the perspective changing from at the start left to right, then stays at the centre and then right to left at the end depending on what thumbnail is highlighted. The thumbnails will move position to keep the perspective to each other. Remove the ‘fixed_scrolling_col="#"’ and you will see the perspective shifting better.


The second one (Perspective Left and Mirror) has a left to right perspective with the first thumbnail always highlighted whether it is the first or last thumbnail.


The third (Filmstrip) is a film strip view with highlighted thumbnail always the larger central thumbnail again whether it is the first or last thumbnail.


The fourth (Active Info) is a wall view with the movie information displayed to the right of the highlighted thumbnail.


They are a couple of different xml’s. Some with the mirror effects and some without. The ones with the mirror effect look better but are a bit sluggish.

I made my life a little easier with the perspective by using the highlighted thumbnail at 100% then the thumbnail behind it at 95% and then 90%, 85%, 80% and so on. I then used a spreadsheet to calculate the x positions for each of the thumbnails.

As far as I know the ‘disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_#’ can only be used in the Gallery view and I don’t know of any alternatives that could be used in any of the other views.

I have the WDTV Live Hub with firmware 2.07.17 and upgraded to firmware 3.12.13 to take the screenshots and then rolled back to firmware 2.07.17.

Stephen. (87.86KB)


Good find stearm !!! :dizzy_face:   thankyou for sharing     kudos :smiley:

Very cool find stearm.  Thanks for sharing the info with us.