Gallery mode is still broken

I think it first broke around February with a firmware release. It still hasn’t been fixed. What gives? 

Specifically what I’m referring to is if you go into gallery mode, metadata will only show up if you go inside each specific movie’s folder. If you are scrolling through the ‘movie folder’ itself, metadata will not show up. 

According to the manual, metadata is collected for files, not folders… I don’t really think you can call it not doing something it’s not supposed to, “broken”.

I don’t think you understand. This is how it worked up until a firmware update broke it. If I reset the firmware to stock, that’s how it’ll be. It was really quite nice to just scroll through my movie folder in gallery mode and see all metadata displayed automatically. 

I don’t think you understand.

Regardless what undocumented “features” might have once worked as the result of bugs in the FW, the manual says that the info is collected for and displayed for FILES.  Nothing anywhere says it should display it for FOLDERS, whether at one point it may have, or not.

The device (and the firmware) is not not doing something it is supposed to, thus nothing is broken.

It’s just not doing something that it was never intended to.  There’s even at least one Idea over in the Ideas section to officially implement it.

Didn’t the “older” versions that used to use the metadata from the first file within the folder also not properly display the folder’s thumb, and instead used the thumb of the first file?

Since that bug’s been fixed and it’s now reading the folder’s thumb and not the file’s thumb, it is no longer erroneously applying the file’s metadata to the folder.

In your particular case, you appear to only have one movie file in each folder, so that’s fine, but re-introducing the bug wouldn’t help anyone who actually wants folder thumbs to properly show, and don’t want to waste a seemingly unnecessary directory level.  I personally see no need or benefit to having each media file in its own named folder in the first place.

Considering there are more votes for the “Idea” for WD to “fix” MKV Header Compression on the Live Hub, despite the fact that the Live Hub shipped with compression supported, and no fix had ever been necessary, then there are for the one idea to add metadata support for folders, it doesn’t seem like this is a pressing issue for most users.  Perhaps you need to be convincing WD’s Idea people that this would be useful to add.

This feature worked for at least 6 months and then was removed. Everything was displayed fine in gallery mode. There was no bug to fix. Metadata would show for a folder if the folder container therein had metadata attached to it. If you had multiple folders inside, metadata would not show. This is how it should be.

When I posted about this in Feb, others agreed that it’s a bug and we all hope it would eventually be fixed. It’s been 7 months now. 

Oh please!

You don’t have the right to tell me whether I may respond or not.

And you appear to be suffering from delerium.  You posted on January 11, in the firmware thread for the Dec. 30, 2010 firmware update (2.03.24), that the bugfix for the folder thumbs not showing properly had “broken” the unsupported metadata for folders.  Since the Live Hub was only released on October 26, I’m not really sure in what universe 64 days is “at least 6 months”.

I’m trying to be respectful, but you’re making it difficult.  I gave you a valid and useful suggestion – for you to go vote for WD to implement metadata for folders, since it is not supported, and the bug that caused it is (hopefully) not likely to be re-introduced.

Delerium? Wow, you have anger issues. :angry:

You’re not being respectful at all. Please stop pretending like you own this forum. I realize you spend much of your free time here, but that doesn’t give you the right to be so demeaning.