Gallery Icon Pack

I’ve been working on a new theme, but it may be a while before I get it done.  But I do have some animated Icons for the Main menu ready, (well almost, I keep having to tweak them) so I thought I would share.

These are not a complete Animated Icon Pack, they are only a change for Videos, Music & Services.  These will work with PsychoTHC’s Anodized theme (I don’t know if they will work on any other theme), just copy & replace the icons in his theme with the one’s in my pack & replace the .xml for them to work correctly.  If you are already running the theme on your HUB, power off the HUB (if it is on) then power it back on & the icons should work correctly.

I did forget to change one thing in the .xml for it to work with the Anodized theme, so you will need to open it & change the number of photo animations from “36” to “11”. UPDATE: Has been fixed

I hope you enjoy, and welcome input, but remember, these are a work in progress & may or should I say probably will have improvements made.

DOWNLOAD:  Animated Icon Pack

Alternate download: LINK

Your missing music_icon_002, but imma give it a try right now.

Ok, that has been fixed now.  Also have updated the xml so you shouldn’t have to change it.

Works really well, i’m enojying it so far.

Now all i need to do is figure out a way to get Poster view + vices gallery + Gallery Icon Pack + Anodized backgrounds into one theme and i would be set.

good goob! :smiley:

Link is broken, please re upload

Link has been updated!

Alternate download: LINK