Gadget use - would this be good to have multiple usb external drive?

I found this offer on this gadget and was wondering if anyone here know if it would help in connecting two or more external drive to the hub.

4 Port Gigabit Network USB 2.0 Server Hub w/ Power Adapter

What do you all think?  Is it a good buy?

Need the web link plus I am sure we have had this conversation before and USB hubs do not work on the Hub.

I found several devices online, though sadly no reviews. The one on Monoprice looked interesting… It’s a USB hub that sits on the Network and shares 4 USB devices, not directly attached to the media player. I guess his thinking is that the external HDDs would be visible as separate NAS devices.

Exactly.  From what I can see it looks like the USB hub is connected to the LAN via ethernet connection and you could then connect to it (hub) via your wireless connection for other uses but etherlink for the hub.  Does that make sense?

Here is the link.