G-Technology RAID Config Utility can't find G-RAID


I know, another post like this.

  1. I have confirmed that I have a G-RAID. And I am using G-Technology RAID Configuration Utility. I let it search for over an hour and it couldn’t find the G-RAID. the Firmware Update Utility had the same issue. I’ve erased the G-RAID in Disk Utility.
    Not sure what the next step for troubleshooting is. Could be the drives are crapping out? I inherited this drive.
  2. What drives can I use to replace?



Which G-RAID do you have. Our older G-RAID units that are not removable are not configurable at all. Only our removable units can be altered.


How can I tell? I have no info on the drive. It was gifted to me


Removable means you can open the front panel and actually remove the 2 drives from it. If you have an older unit that has no open bay and removable drives then it is not a configurable drive and it will remain RAID0 only.

The bottom of the drive will also have a label that will name it.


I assume this is not removeable. So the next step is the trash can? That would be unfortunate.


That is a RAID0 only device.


Is there anything I can do with it? It seems to be having issues when I try to use Carbon Copy Cloner with it.