G-Technologies - ArmorATD 2TB

Hey guys,

My 2tb (Blue) G-Technologies ArmorATD seems to be having a hard time connecting with my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)

I am running a USB-C to USB-C Cable straight from the hard-drive into the mac.

The light turns on but does not blink as it usually does before being mounted and read by my mac.

I can feel the hard-drive start up for a split second as i plug it in, then it will suddenly stop running.

When this happens, the light remains on(does not blink). However, the drive itself does not start back up or seem to be noticed by my Mac whatsoever.

Also, Doesn’t show up inn disk Utilities.

Thinking i may need to get a new USB-C power cable for the drive.
Any suggestions on the best ones to grab that will flow enough power to the drive would be great!