G Tech Shuttle RAID

Apologies for posting this here but I couldn’t see any forum for the Shuttle;e XL devices and I have a question about one I have just bought. I have a G Tech Shuttle XL 24tb Thunderbolty drive and wish to set it up as RAID 1 but cannot figure out how top do it. I am using a Mac Pro running El Capitan. In disk Util the G Tech drive is seen as 1 disks so I cannot figure out how to RAID it.


The unit is a 8bay RAID5 device. It isn’t meant to run as a RAID1, There is a form of RAID1 that it is capable of but we would recommend leaving it as a RAID5 device. It has the protection you need and still offers great performance. If you want to manage the device you will need to download and install the G-Speed Studio configuration utility from our site.