G-Tech, G-Speed Studio XL not showing up in Windows 10

Hi there,

I have been having this issue for over a year now and been working with some “dodgy” work arounds. Hoping to find a permanent solution here…

My issue is that my Studio XL does not always mount. When i open up thunderbolt utilities it shows the device connected to port one

However, the device does not show up in my listed devices and drives or in my Disk Managemen

My PCI thunderbolt card is Thunderbolt 2, as is my Studio XL. The strange thing is that i downloaded a firmware update for Thunderbolt 3 by accident once and every time the drive doesn’t mount and i run that update, it seems to mount (works about 90% of the time).

Sometimes a restart of the computer will mount the drive also.

So far i have done the following. All Drivers are up to date (Thunderbolt Card, Windows, Studio XL, Motherboard). I have also updated my BIOS to the latest one. Diagnostics don’t return any errors or issues.

My computer specs and the block layout are shown bellow: (Interesting that on the Block diagram, thunderbolt card isn’t showing, however it does show up in device management, see fig4)


Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated!