G-Speed Studio XL ev Fan Speed Query

Hi there,

I have a 24TB Studio XL ev which I run straight into a 5K 2015 iMac. It sits on a desk by a window in a small office. It’s pretty hot in the UK at the moment and earlier I had (for the first time ever) the 3-beep / red icon showing a raised temperature. I quickly exited the projects I was working on, shut it down, pulled the plugs etc. I cleared quite a bit of dust from all the extraction vents and let it cool for a while. Then plugged it back in and started work again. It’s been fine all evening but in the past 20 minutes the Backpane 2 fan has suddenly gone into overdrive. It went from spinning at 1200rpm to spinning at 2700. Meanwhile the Backpane 1 fan dropped slightly from 1500 to 1300. I’ve never had any of the fans spin so fast. It sounds like a jet engine. The temperatures are all OK. At least 5 degrees (or many more) below the healthy threshold. Voltage is OK.

Basically should this be a worry? If the enclosure conks out presumably the data will be relatively accessible still? Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of the unit? It’s probably 2 or 3 years old and it’s my main backup. I’d rather not open the device up myself but am fairly competent with computer innards so if this is indicative of a hardware failure issue then I might be able to replace something myself.

In the meantime I’ll start saving the pennies for a replacement/upgrade.

Thanks in advance for any advice/reassurance.

The fans are reacting to the threshold being hit prior and they will increase. If possible you can let it sit overnight after your cleaning and cool down attempt the previous day and see if it continues.

The enclosure can be replaced as a separate unit and the drives would still contain all data. Under warranty we can replace the chassis if necessary.