G-SPEED Studio R, prob w/Big Sur, diskutil vs GSpeed Util

Trying to help a friend with a G-Speed Studio R four-disk drive unit. It had a bad drive and like everyone else, couldn’t run the terminal command on Big Sur to bring it online (“zsh bad CPU type in executible: gspeed2util”). Got it connected to different computer, got it online, trying to understand how it’s configured before replacing the bad drive. I think it is a bad drive, it’s been generating temp related errors for couple years.

Disk was supposedly configured as a JBOD, not a RAID array. The G-Speed Utility software says there are 4 physical drives, configured as Array0 No.0, Array0 No.1, etc. and the Disk Array tab says 24 TB, 4 logical disks, the Logical Drive tab lists 4 drives, all RAID0, Stripe 1 MB, Array ID 0. So is this just a bunch of disks and not an array? Is the software saying each individual disk is a RAID 0 array? How do I interpret this window?

Diskutil shows for separate physical disks, each as its own logical drive, with the expected amount of data on the first two (last two are empty). But it also shows what looks like 2 partitions on each disk. For example, the “bad” disk shows as a physical volume, BSD device node = disk4s2, Disk number = 4, Partition number = 2, Parent disk = disk4. Why am I seeing two partitions on each physical disk?

Hi @Krena,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: